Mental Health

Mental health has been a growing issue across our state. This issue needs to be a top priority at the Board Table.

  • Implement online counseling programs for students to discuss hardships with school counselors in difficult times, such as that of the outbreak of COVID-19.

  • Work with state legislators to pass a bill that makes it mandatory for teachers to receive training on recognizing mental health warnings and signals and updating training through student input.

  • Increase funding to balance the student to counselor ratio.

  • Hire more school psychologists in every school.

  • Promote LGBTQ+ Awareness and eliminating biases.

  • Hold forums and town halls across the state to start conversations about destigmatizing mental health.

  • Support policies like Lauryn's Law and Grace's law which increase mental health resources, and support victims of bullying.


Opportunity Gap

Our education system must fit the needs of every student in Maryland, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status.

  • Expand consistent relief programs in times of financial difficulties, such as school meal distribution services when schools are closed. 

  • Enrich the curriculum to reflect the diversity of the student body.

  • Expand career opportunities and pathways for students.

  • Invest in Early Pre-K access for families in need.

  • Decrease class sizes to encourage personalized learning.

  • Evaluate graduation requirements recommendations from the MSDE High School Graduation Task Force.

  • Update research and statistics on racial inequities in achievement.

  • Promote open-minded class discussions and cultural awareness.


Energizing the Student Voice

Advocacy is such an important part of our everyday lives. In light of current events, advocacy is what drives policy and change. We, as students, need to spearhead and support policies that help the youth in their everyday lives.

  • Monthly SMOB advisory council meetings, comprised of students from all 24 counties and regions.

  • Hold forums and town halls across the state throughout the year.

  • The Maryland Association of Student Councils is the perfect resource for student advocacy - work on branching out.

  • Increase SMOB Voting Rights in local Board of Educations.

  • Ensure every task force has an MASC representative.


School Safety

The students of Maryland are entitled to be able to learn in an environment where they feel safe. We took the first step as students by marching and speaking out, but we must continue the conversation to advance school safety.

  • In the case of school closures in the fall due to COVID-19, ensure students receive an equivalently high-quality online learning experience.

  • Support and lobby for bills that encompass proactive measures to ensure school safety.

  • Expand the Safe Schools Maryland Tip Line as a source for reporting Tips and potential threats in schools.

  • Enforce lockdown and shelter drills, and funding for SRO’s.



It is critically important for our students that we keep up with the fast paced 21st century. Providing students with valuable and convenient technology in classrooms are essential. ​​

  • Apply online continuation learning and zoom meetings to future cases of school closures due to snow days.

  • Work towards a future where all classrooms have access to Chromebooks.

  • Work with principals to ensure cell phone rights during lunch for all middle schoolers. 

  • Upgrade Promethean Boards in all classrooms.

  • Expand AP course opportunities.